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Unified Experiences On New-Age Digital Banking Engagements

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Like every other industry, digital is the way ahead in banking, redefining how customers and corporates pay, transfer, invest, and much more. SAMA has been actively promoting digital banking and has implemented several initiatives to facilitate its growth in the MENA region. To foster SAMA initiatives, the need of the hour is to deliver a holistic customer experience in wholesale banking practices – for banks and financial institutions through digital solutions.

Meeting this need, AuroDigi provides a unified experience to corporate customers. An end-to-end digital banking platform, it is the culmination of the latest technologies and a user-centric approach – safe, reliable, and easily configurable. The solution is mapped with 500+ user journeys in the full complexity of wholesale banking, encompassing all personas and touchpoints for a truly digital experience.

Success Of AuroDigi -
Reflected In Numbers

5 Million Plus Transactions/Hour
Efficiently manages 6000+ Concurrent Users

AuroDigi - Built For The Future

A robust, transparent, and API-first one-stop solution, AuroDigi is scalable to address high transaction volumes and multiple backend systems – empowering the future of wholesale banking. Built modular and with having the flexibility to incorporate new features banks and fintech can scale the solution – suited to their business needs.

Solution is Modular :

The modular architecture of Aurodigi offers seamless integration and the ability for banks to update new features.

Security is Robust :

Latest security features for safe transactions – biometric login, multi-factor authentication, and confidential information masking.

Enables Contextual Banking :

Predictive analytics on AI by AuroDigi helps to capture contextual banking information for corporate customers.

Built On Latest Tech Stack :

Microservices enabled, API-first architecture, progressive framework, and container-based deployment on the cloud.

Streamlining Digital Readiness

State-of-the-Art Architecture

  • Microservices Enabled
  • API-first Architecture
  • Progressive Framework
  • Container-based Deployment
  • Cloud Native

Dashboard and Widgets

  • Persona-based Dashboards
  • Personalised Interface
  • Dynamic Form Designer
  • Customer App Configurator
  • Document Designer

Scalable and Secure

  • Modular Architecture
  • Biometric Enabled Login
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Confidential Information Masking

Intelligent Analytics

  • AI/BI Driven Insights
  • Predictive Analysis

Self-Service Capabilities

  • User Management
  • Limit Management
  • Content Management
  • Workflow Management

Seamless Onboarding

  • Pre-defined Templates
  • Automated Process
  • Flexible Workflow

Zero Learning Curve

  • Intuitive
  • Transparent
  • Personalized
  • Relatable

Service All Segments

  • Sole Proprietors
  • SMEs
  • MSMEs
  • Large Corporations
  • MNCs
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