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End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility For Optimizing Working Capital

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Today, the supply chain is a global operation with several outsourcing partners in the mix. While offering the right product at an appropriate price remains crucial, ensuring adequate quantities at the right time and place is even more critical. It’s a tough task given the inclusion of several partners amidst reducing customer loyalty and shifts towards competitors. While technology will lead the charge in disrupting and addressing challenges in logistics operations, the key to a simplified supply chain starts with looking at the big picture.

SCMPro brings complete visibility into logistics operations by connecting the crucial touchpoints in the supply chain, enabling better collaboration amongst logistics partners and streamlining executions. With better visibility and streamlined operations, stakeholders have complete control over the supply chain and its working capital for optimal cost control.

SCM Pro Converges It All For Corporates

SCMPro is available as a modular, integrated plug-and-play system on SaaS or license model. All you need is the interface software, which allows authorized employees to log onto a web-based service that hosts the programs you need to run your entire supply chain.

Provides a platform for supply chain execution of core functions like order management, warehousing, freight management, etc.
Offers a single hub for collaborating with all the service providers and suppliers to bring more efficiency and real-time updates.
Integrates the financial dimension of the supply chain to provide LSPs with a profitability analysis of operations, thereby enhancing visibility and control.
Empowers you to be on top of your supply chain, ensuring proactive alerts, timely escalation of issues, and an improvement of service delivery.

Focus On The Solution Footprint

Offering complete visibility of supply chain to corporates, SCMPro enables setting up of control points that positively impact efficiency. The solution offers proactive tools that monitor logistics operations and analyze supply chain against various dimensions giving everyone insights into the supply chain.


Fully featured Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help both integrated logistics service providers and independent warehouse operators to control the movement and storage of materials.

Freight Forwarding

Offers end-to-end operations for forwarders, including booking, freight operations, documentation, and final billing – covering air, sea, and land operations.

Project Logistics

Reliable project logistics execution with the equipment available when needed, regardless of transportation challenges, ensuring zero impact of delays or overruns due to availability issues.


Manufacturers reliant on outsourcing to suppliers need complete visibility and control over the supply chain. SCMPro connects key entities in the supply chain and improves visibility, helping set up control points impacting efficiency.


Logistics solution purposed for distributors to help them manage stock across all branches, distribution warehouses, and stocking points for multiple suppliers and brand owners.

Built With Business Advantages In Mind

  • Lower setup cost and running cost
  • No upgrade or additional license cost
  • Backup server maintenance and recovery cost built-in
  • No upgrade or additional license cost
  • Shorter deployment time
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