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A Digitally Streamlined Supply Chain – Driven By One Platform

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Today, the supply chain operates on a global scale with multiple outsourcing partners involved. While providing the right product at a suitable price remains important, ensuring sufficient quantities are available at the correct time and location is even more vital. This task is challenging due to the involvement of various partners, coupled with declining customer loyalty and increasing competition from rivals.

Technology will play a significant role in disrupting and addressing logistics challenges. However, the foundation of simplifying the supply chain lies in taking a holistic view of the overall operation.

Shamel360° offers comprehensive visibility and connectivity to essential touchpoints in the supply chain, ensuring smooth execution. Whether it’s warehousing, freight forwarding, or transportation, the platform provides multiple industry rollouts, establishing a collaborative ecosystem that optimizes the supply chain and enhances cost control.

Shamel360° Addresses End To End Of The Supply Chain

The Shamel360° platform is an integrated plug-and-play solution that offers services covering all aspects of supply chain execution. It brings together integrated flow services from Order Management, Global Freight Forwarding, Land Transportation, Warehousing, and E-commerce Fulfillment.

Focus On The
Solution Footprint

Shamel360° is built on the latest tech and enables the setting up of control points that positively impact efficiency. The solution offers proactive tools that monitor logistics operations and manages rollouts for the supply chain against various applications giving everyone visibility and control into the supply chain.

Freght Forwarding

End to End execution with multiple services (Ocean, Air, Land) in a single order

  • Manage revenue & cost contracts billing
  • Shipment level profitability
  • 4 Dimensional tracking
  • Omni channel control window for the entire operation


  • Paperless warehousing
  • Mobility enabled scaling up the operational lead time
  • Managing 360-degree warehouse operations
  • Billing (Storage, Handling, Pick n Pack) integrated with orders and shipments for end-to-end service
  • Value-added services


  • Manage multi-pick/drop and milk run process
  • Manage shipment by self or 3rd party
  • 4 Dimensional tracking
  • Revenue & Cost at shipment and activity level
  • Last mile delivery e-POD & tracking updates

e-Commerce Fulfillment

  • Seamless integration with the e-commerce ecosystem
  • Manage high/peak volumes
  • Efficient order Vs ATP accuracy
  • Reverse logistics
  • Increased shelf life accuracy
  • Real-time stock update to multiple marketplaces

Vaccine Supply Chain

  • Vaccine delivery planning & distribution
  • Inventory accuracy at the hub, regional & health facility
  • Batch control on expiry and VVM stages
  • ABC level auto adjustment
  • Efficient Inventory allocation, fill rates, and rationing
  • Digitized inventory log management

Returnable Supply Chain

  • Visibility of delivery and inventory of assets
  • \Lease management
  • Multi-dimensional billing
  • Global visibility of assets across depots and 3rd party locations
  • Discrepancy management
  • RFID-based operations

Why Transform Supply Chain With Shamel360°

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