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Smart Lender Suite

Complete Credit Risk Management For Simplified Commercial Lending

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As markets become more dynamic and the regulatory space gets more challenging, banks need evolving applications that transform loan origination and legacy lending systems into a streamlined, controllable, and easily managed process. Hence, modernizing lending operations is a significant agenda of many financial institutions, guided by banking authorities in the region.

SmartLender is the key to unlocking this operational efficiency for banks & commercial lenders to originate and manage their loans and their associated instruments. An end-to-end Credit Loan Origination, Assessment, And Management Solution, the SmartLender suite provide an operational edge over the entire pre- and post-loan origination life cycle.

Solution Competency Across LOS & Credit Management

Loan Origination & Approval

  • SML Financial Analysis : Complete financial spreading and analysis
  • SML Commercial Loan Origination : Single Point of Credit Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Reporting Tool

Collateral & Limits Management

  • SML Collateral Management : Streamlined management of collateral perfection and documentation
  • SML Limits Management : Managing exposures with proactive monitoring of risks and threshold

Smart Lender Suite -
A Deeper Dive

The Smart Lender suite is an end-to-end comprehensive lending product suite – a credit risk management solution that boosts productivity, improves credit quality, and lowers operational risks. Currently used across leading banks in Asia and supporting assets exceeding 1 Trillion dollars, the suite converges diverse lending solutions under one umbrella.

SmartLender Suite - Advantages

  • Solution outlined and architected on the expertise of experienced banking and tech professionals
  • Converges the best practices gathered in over 15 years of experience in servicing well known banks globally
  • Delivery of solution keeping in mind the reduced cost and optimal operational efficiency in commercial lending space
  • Enables banks to employ robust practices to control legal, operations, liquidity, and market risks of collaterals
  • Consolidated exposure and limits management and complete view of customers to enable informed decision making
  • Ability to seamlessly manage diverse client segments in the commercial lending space
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